What to Wear With Black Leggings

question: how do i transition my substantial black leggings & tights (dkny, lysee and spanx) that i wear with above the knee knit shifts and shirt dresses, into a spring and summer look? most of my dresses are season ones that are knits in various shades of solid blues and also black and berry.

So I always wear pants. Well, it looks cute on little girls, but once you hit about 13 the look should be avoided.

The skinny leg and pull-on styles are easy to pull on and easy to wear. Most likely, you will be able to find a great pair to wear with every top you own! They look fantastic with tees, all kinds of informal shirts and blouses, tunics and with tanks.
question: how do i transition my substantial black leggings & tights (dkny, lysee and spanx) that i wear with above the knee knit shifts and shirt dresses, into a spring and summer look? most of my dresses are season ones that are knits in various shades of solid blues and also black and berry.
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question: how do i transition my substantial black leggings & tights (dkny, lysee and spanx) that i wear with above the knee knit shifts and shirt dresses, into a spring and summer look? most of my dresses are season ones that are knits in various shades of solid blues and also black and berry.
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For which body type would leggings be suitable?

Welcome to Reddit,

Long tops for skinny jeans and leggings at discount prices on sale.

Yes I know that feeling. I am a 70 year old women size 8 and still love fashion. I love dresses but have bad viens on my legs, so I wear pants or maxi dresses. Would it be ok to wear a slightly shorter dress lenght with leggins or would I look ridiculous! I think that would be totally ok and can look very chic!

Wear with a nice tunic or dress. You could combine with ankle booties or shoes with a 2. Thanks for your questions Valerie. Feel free to put images from you style up on the style forum. That is also a good place to ask more questions so I and others can help you. Hello, I am wondering if it is ok to wear a tunic dress with brown leggings and brown clark knee high boots in May?

I am going to a wedding rehearsal May 4th in California for my niece. But I am from the Seattle area. We wear boots here a bit longer in the spring because weather is cooler. I am 49 and the outfit is very age appropriate and have gotten complements on it. Thank you for your help. Hi Liz, I think that you can wear boots in cooler weather all the time. But then you are saying that it is a wedding rehearsal so that should probably be fine.

For the real wedding I would try to wear dressier shoes and I would stay away from leggings too. Thank you Sylvia for your response. As it turned out it was fairly warm so I wore sandals with the outfit and it looked just fine. Yes I agree about legging and weddings. I wore a flowery, flowing spring colored dress and some black ankle strap sandals.

I found out that boots are often wore almost year around there in Long Beach area. Thanks you again for your input. I am 70 and tried on leggings today. They are so comfortable! I have a calf length winter coat. Thought my short boots looked funny, so bought long boots.

Thanks for the great advice. Yes, longer cardigans and tunics are definitely the way to go with leggings. Hope you find something nice and I hope you can share your looks with us on the style forum!

I am 62 and I got a pair of leggings from a friend for my birthday. She said I should wear them to my yoga classes but I am concerned about wearing them out in public at my age. I love how comfy they are but the material is not much thicker then a pair of opaque tights. I been wearing them around the house but need some opinions on whether I should wear them out. I would not wear them if they are see through, but other than that leggings for yoga are ok. If see through, then only wear them as you would tights.

You are never too old to wear normal leggings for your normal clothes, but I would never wear them without a long tunic or short dress over them. At 66, I wear my leggings all the time but never without a tunic or top that is long enough to cover both beast……. It is a Huge pet peeve of mine to see anyone, of any age, advertising!! Must keep those beast in the barn ladies! Leggings are wonderful but do wear them modestly. I wear them with a tunic and booties or high boots and feel great.

Any top should fall below the butt area. I am over 60 and love leggins, but have trouble finding things to wear with them…longer tunics, etc. Can you give me some advice? I often wear short dresses over leggings instead of tunics. There are no special places to find them but you can see them everywhere. Just go for a style that suits you. Hit the stores perhaps wearing your leggings, and try a few!

If you through all my outfits in the what i wore section, you can see many of my own examples. The fabric is very high quality and a nice thickness. The hems are fully finished—not raw edged like a lot of cheap leggings. All the comfort and styling without the mess!

I feel that some things like wearing short skirts not minis I am able to get away with. I do like solid colors and more fitted dresses and tops. As I am single, I would still like to dress to impress. I believe it immediately that you look a lot younger. So many Asians do; I can never guess the age of an Asian woman. My site is dedicated to this topic so you will find articles throughout this site that tackle it.

All the clothes I feature are in my opinion young and hip. I would say to trust your instinct. If you look in the mirror and it feels good to you, then it is. I am a 42 year old woman who happens to be African American. I am fit, a size 2 and look like I am about 29… I still get carded at the liquor store. I would like to know how I can maintain my style without looking too young. While I prefer to look 29 vs 42 whatever 42 may look like, being stylish and chic is important to me.

I also have trouble finding clothes sometimes because of my body type. So pants are usually tough. I have a size 2 waist and a size 4 butt like a tiny Kim Kardashian. That is why I love my leggings and yoga pants.

If you like to show both your waist and butt they sound like a good option. You could consider uploading your photos to the style forum so we can all have a look and give you more detailed advice. I have several solid and patterned dresses that would work well for fall if I paired them with leggings. However, one colleague suggested that my dresses are too long fall just below the knee, since i am petite to wear with leggings. Should I consider having the dresses hemmed to just above the knee?

Yes dresses over pants and leggings usually look nicer when the dress is a bit shorter. That is usually how I wear the look check the what I wore section for lots of examples. For more ideas on how to dress the best when you are petite you can also check this article: Thank you so much for this write up on the leggings! The entire sites subject is exactly what I was looking for! I turned 40 last March and I have been struggling with how to dress.

I was especially leery of leggings at my age and your article has made me so much more comfortable to wear them.

I guess I just felt like I was supposed to dress like my mom did when she was 40 but after reading your posts I realize I can still dress fashionably without dressing too young for my age. They were like leggings but not the skinnies type. They did form fit to the leg but rather had a smooth vertical look and did not hug the knee. I would kill for a pair now. I had a great pair of black one when micro fiber first came out. Alas, they had a tear in them from being worn out and I have never been able to find another pair.

Does anyone know if they still exist? Soft Surroundings have some! Hopefully will see more soon, since I think they work great with boots! Thanks for great advice on leggings for the over 40ss etc. Was going to wear a jersey red dress — but thought this would be too dressed-up. A perfectly comfortable outfit. Thanks for providing the lowdown, and such great visuals of examples.

Sounds like the perfect outfit for the occasion Carmen. Great to read that this article inspired you! You can wear your leggings with summery jersey dresses. This is especially nice when you select a great print. Another option is to choose a cotton short dress in a light color, like this breezy white dress https: You can also consider getting some white leggings and combine with a long cotton blouse or short dress as seen here https: I think ballet flats can work really well with leggings as can some funky sandals.

You can definitely consider navy which is a bit softer than black and can look really great with lots of colors. Thank you for the wonderful suggestions! I thought it was a fashion faux pas to wear the black leggings with the lighter short dresses! I like the outfits in your pics ……again, many many thanks!! I love the leggings and short dress look for both winter and summer.

Is a dress over leggings still in vogue in your summer this year? Just found your blog via Pinterest — hooray! A reasonable voice in a sea of extremes! I love leggings, and wear them all year, usually with a fingertip-length tunic. Sewing is a passion, and I use a lot of chiffon and velvets in my tops. Here in Texas, a tunic, leggings, and cowboy boots are typical. Again, thank you for the blog! Great to see you found your way to this website.

Lots of articles to explore! There is one on Texas as well where I was indeed wearing leggings! Leggings look utterly ridiculous on anyone over When worn right, they can look really good. My long time girl friend who was a buyer for Marshall Fields just got me onto leggings. I am in Florida and worn with a lovely summery top, look fantastic. My mother is 83, and looks wonderful in loose fitting leggings.

In paisley and other very flattering prints, they look great. Which is the comfort standard I always strive for. I like either way short or longer tops. Usually that would be a coat. But wear mine with moto jacket, fake fury vest and V-neck sweater as well like here… http: I have black leggings but when I wear them they are somewhat wrinkley looking or slightly bagging when getting up from sitting around knee area.

Totally agree with you Sylvia. Was just thinking the same thing. I keep coming back to this post because leggings can be so stylish and material mix can make a difference too. So love your advice here! Totally love my Adidas animal print grey leggings and have been wering them for 2 years now. Great for sightseeing in NYC see current post or everyday life. I just dont feel that comfortable wearing them the Chanel-style. Love the pics here Silvia though. But not for me.

I rarely see them in physical stores, which I think is too bad. Check out Soma- they have stores but also online. They have lots of tunics an along sweaters, etc. You could also wear long cardigans to cover your self around the back, especially if there's a cute top you still wanna wear but it's a bit short to be paired just with leggings! Jumper dresses that end mid-thigh are also really good for covering yourself and pairing with leggings, as they're often a chunky knit so they hide all other lumps and bumps FatFace in the UK are really good for these, especially in winter.

Fellow mom of two here and this is what I have started wearing lately too! I had a little luck at old navy with some cute tunics. I was just doing a search on Amazon for "long tunics" because I love leggings but hate when you can see the crotch in front.

I've found one or two at Target, and I have one from Old Navy, but I do see the hi-lo hems more often. There's a brand called Piko - tons of colors and sleeve lengths. They're looser in the body and then tighter in the sleeve. They have loads of long tops and jumpers specifically for wearing over leggings. Have a look in their "basics" section. I assumed it was more for teens. I'll check it out. I swear half my clothes are from there haha. If you look up "longline" or "tunic" on Forever Also, depending on how much you were willing to spend, Modcloth has a lot of really cute tunics, including a couple plaid ones that I'm planning on snatching up.

I've only ever been in that store once and just breezed through. What I saw was really inexpensive. Are the clothes there really low quality? Modcloth is hit or miss and you can probably estimate quality based on price. Dresses for example don't typically come lined. Nothing major that would put me off of them but something to consider depending on the piece your looking for and how long you want to own it.

It's not too terrible! Some of their stuff is made of cheaper material, but for the most part, it's pretty decent. They even have some pricier lines out now of fancier stuff. If you're worried about ordering from them online, I believe they have a one-month return policy for online orders.

Also, you can check out customer reviews of the clothing on their site to see what other people think. I often pair mine with scandalously short shorts and mini skirts. Unfortunately I'm wearing them to work, so I need something more polished.

But this is a great idea for the weekend. In that case, check out just regular dresses over leggings. Try experimenting with different types of bags, necklaces, bracelets and earrings.

For night-outs, you can make a trial with patterned fishnet leggings or ripped denim shorts over your black leggings. Whatever clothes you wear with your black leggings, be sure to check yourself in the mirror before going out of your residence.

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What Top to Wear With Black Leggings Because black leggings are simple in style, they will go with any top provided it covers your bottom and crotch. Other tops to wear with black leggings include: Boots Though black leggings will go with almost all height boots, they look more appealing in tall boots.

Sandals and Sneakers Sandals are great with black leggings in the summer. Best dresses to wear with black leggings are: Colorful lace dresses Wrap dresses Tunic dresses Sweater dresses Stretch casual mini dresses Party dresses Bowknot dresses High low short tee dresses Stretch sweater dresses Sheer Maxi dresses. How to Wear Black Leggings With Skirts Wearing leggings with skirts gives you the freedom to wear short tops which would otherwise not go well with legwear fashion.

How to Wear Black Leggings in Summer Wearing skirts and dresses with leggings in the cold months is a common practice. Conclusion Wear the right accessories with your black leggings outfit. Leggings are indeed trendy. But the style depends on individual taste. I can't get enough of wet and leather styles.

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