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Aztec Clothing in the Hierarchical Society The Aztecs had a hierarchical society, and there were strict laws for what to wear according to their level. Men from the lower casts in society wore a maxtle, a plain square loincloth (breechcloth); basically a square piece of cloth worn around the hips.

Mid blue Sid distressed skinny jeans. When they were recognized by the state for their bravery in battle, their status increased regardless of original class and they were rewarded with shell and glass beaded jewelry. Cannibalism and corpse medicine 2.

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Aztec Clothing in the Hierarchical Society The Aztecs had a hierarchical society, and there were strict laws for what to wear according to their level. Men from the lower casts in society wore a maxtle, a plain square loincloth (breechcloth); basically a square piece of cloth worn around the hips.
Women in Aztec civilization shared some equal civilization saw the rise of a military culture that was closed off to women and made their role complementary to men. The status of Aztec women lasted until the 15th century, when Spanish conquest forced European norms onto the culture.
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Men from the lower casts in society wore a maxtle , a plain square loincloth breechcloth ; basically a square piece of cloth worn around the hips. It was knee-length clothing made out of the cactus fibers. They were not allowed to use jewelry. They also wore sandals called cactli which had only the heel support, and laces to tie them at the calf. Women wore the huipil and quechquemitl which were basically a blouse and a long skirt.

Nobel people used longer clothing decorated with embroideries. They also had more sophisticated hairstyles, and wore earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and other piercings in the lips for example made out of gold and precious stones. Aztec Dancers in Traditional Clothing. The Aztec warriors were at the base of the society. They took care of the emperor and the priests who occupied the top of the pyramid.

The social status of a warrior could move up the ladder according to the accomplishments that they earned at war. This made historians conclude that Aztec society was not a closed one. Aztec costumes for warriors was differentiated with shells and gold according to their merits. Aztec warrior's costumes were intimately related to the religion.

Their costumes represented mystical animals, and they believed, it would give them their energy and force to fight. Feathers in Aztec clothing was another sign of accomplishment for warriors and a luxury item for nobel people.

Feathers were classified by size and color. Before the Aztec Empire emerged as a military empire, the relationship between men and women was mostly egalitarian but this kept changing as the emphasis increased on warfare. Women were not allowed any role in the military but they had doors of various other professions open to them. There were certain customs and traditions which they were expected to follow.

But the women continued to play their part in the public life of the Aztec Empire and their role in religion also remained constant. Aztec Women in the Aztec Empire enjoyed a lot of rights and freedoms but since the Aztec Empire was a military empire, their role was nonetheless subordinate to men.

Marriage customs of the Aztec society were very different from modern times. The council determined if the man and women were suitable for each other. Traditionally, Aztec men could only marry women from within their own clan.

Although Aztec men could take multiple wives, the status of the first wife always remained higher in society and it was also she who had the right of a proper marriage ceremony. The family of the Aztec woman could take her back to their home if they discovered that her husband was not treating her well. There were certain taboos and customs associated with pregnancy and child birth in Aztec society.

For instance, it was forbidden for a pregnant Aztec woman to view the eclipse since it was thought that doing so could result in her giving birth to a monster. Further, eclipses were thought to cause miscarriages.

Women were also forbidden from having excessive sexual intercourse during pregnancy as it could result in her giving birth to sickly baby. Other things that were forbidden to a pregnant woman included excessively hot sweat baths and the lifting heavy objects etc. Childbirth was considered an honour for Aztec women and her status became similar to the status of ordinary men when they became warriors.

Therefore if an Aztec woman died during the childbirth, her status was elevated to that of a goddess. During the childbirth, Aztec women would be nursed by a midwife. The midwife led the prayers during the childbirth to the goddess of childbirth called Tlazolteotl. Different mechanisms were used to ease the pain of a woman giving birth, this included placing a warm stone on her belly and giving her sedatives made of herbs. When the child was finally born, the midwife uttered battle chants praising the bravery of the mother who had been successful through the ordeal.

The main sphere of activity for an Aztec woman was her home and she was expected to take care of the household chores. This included various household activities such as spinning and weaving thread from cotton, taking care of the household pets, and cooking etc.

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